The Derivative Project

Tucked on Yesterday’s Back Page of WSJ is The Issue for Congress to Investigate

The Derivative Project has long been a proponent of banning naked credit default swaps.  Angela Merkel of Germany was the first major economy to do so.  China and India, learning from the shocking failures of the mature economies’ derivative dabbling, has also banned them. The Wall Street Journal describes today…

Congress Take Notice: Is it More than Coincidence Goldman Wrote Libya’s Calls on 4 Banks All Being Sued By Madoff Trustee?

It is time to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on Goldman’s Libya Trades that lost Libya 98% of its billion dollar investment with Goldman Sachs. Scroll down the Page to read the June 3, 2011 The Derivative Project’s Blog Post on the Goldman/Libya call option trade. Goldman Sachs…

Attention Retirement Investors: This is the Legal Issue You Must be Come Familiar With, Although It is a Real Snoozer

One of the raison d’etres of The Derivative Project is assuring retirement investors in qualified retirement plans can have a “private right of action” for abuses/fraud and breach of fiduciary duty by SEC registered investment advisors towards your retirement savings. Yesterday