The Derivative Project

Archived Website

From February 2008 to July 2013, The Derivative Project lobbied Congress and the SEC for protections for the individual retirement investor. We learned the term “regulatory capture” and experienced it first hand. The voice of the average American is ignored by Congress and the regulatory agencies. Access the original The Derivative Project website here.

The US taxpayer, the retirement investor, will be best served by a new retirement platform/channel that eliminates the current model of delivery of retirement investor services. The current distribution system of retirement products has not been changed to reflect the replacement of defined benefit pensions by individual contribution plans.

Today’s model utilizes “financial intermediaries” that are too costly for our nation’s retirement investors and is filled with archaic inefficiencies. Even the new proposed “Wall Street model” of ETF managed portfolios, by computerized asset allocation models or new “ETF strategists” is redundant and serves Wall Street’s interests, not that of society overall.

With Congress and regulators captured, a systemic change is the only way to change the financial dynasty that has exploited its power at the expense of the best interests of society.

Through personal responsibility and a new distribution model for retirement investing, working men and women will have increased earning power and a new empowerment.

The Derivative Project completed its final post on March 17, 2017.